Partner Grants

November 2013:
Global Greengrant Fund

Project title:
Lake Bunyonyi Agro-enhancement Project (BAEP

Project Location:
Lake Bunyonyi Watershed

The agricultural communities surrounding Lake Bunyonyi are substantially dependent on the land, water and natural resources for their livelihoods. Despite Lake Bunyonyi’s biological and scenic assets, the watershed is loosing its productive capacity and unique ecological diversity due to population pressures and the cumulative impacts of land degradation and deforestation. Widespread soil erosion and declining soil fertility are resulting in reduced yields, diminished livelihoods and increasing vulnerabilities.

To address the drivers of this decline and to raise awareness of these trends, The Lake Bunyonyi Agro-Enhancement Project (BAEP) proposes to pilot a village-based project demonstrating how integrated agroecological practices can improve the lands agricultural productivity while simultaneously enhancing ecosystem services (soils, water, forests, birds).

May 2013
US Embassy – Small Grants Program

Project Title:
Lake Bunyonyi Agricultural Initiative

Project Location:
Villages – Murandi, Kashambya, Butusi, Bushure & Mukoni
Parishes – Mugyera & Kitooma
Sub-County – Bufundi & Rubaya
District – Kabale, SW, Uganda

The Lake Bunyonyi Agricultural Initiative will compliment CRD’s ongoing agricultural/agroforestry objectives by creating individual nurseries/training facilities in each of the villages. The Centres will be designed as gathering places where farmers can receive trainings and seedlings and exchange ideas. The training methodology will follow the UN/FAO – Farmer Field School (FFS) whereby local leadership and capacity will be created through shared learning and cooperation. The target is to plant 1,600,000 new seedlings within the five villages during the fall 2013 and spring 2104 rainy seasons. The nurseries will be fully operational within one year and will provide a sustainable source of seedlings and income for each village.