Our Outcomes

Our Outcomes:

Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (1-3 years)

We are currently in the process of integrating a participatory monitoring and evaluation process, whereby the farmers and villagers define the measures of success and assist in evaluating outcomes. This has been discussed from the initial meetings and will be instituted over time.  The economic realities of our communities also dictate that the initial focus must be on improving agricultural productivity and diversity.  At this stage, the goal is to assist rural communities to develop the adaptive knowledge, skills and structure to sustainably manage their future.
CRD Indicators and Targets (3-5 Years):

  • A set of community developed maps of their region (resource-based),
  • A community master plan, addressing vulnerabilities and risks as well as adaptation strategies and opportunities,
  • Equitable decision-making framework with connections to outside resources,
  • Integrated Agriculture, Forestry and Land Use (AFOLU) strategies
  • A carbon-financed revenue stream supporting the sustainable forest management (IFM/SFM),
  • A quantifiable increase (density and diversity) in the carbon stocks,
  • Complimentary micro enterprises,
  • Increased adaptive capacity and community resilience, community, less vulnerable to the stresses and shocks of climate change
  • A watershed with improving environmental indicators.